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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Momoa, Conan?

Hey I'm a local boy from the islands too...But, Momoa as Conan?  Really?  There are plenty of roles Momoa can pull off, one right off the top of my head is Mowgli from Jungle Book.  I would have never picked him as a contender for Conan the Barbarian though.

Who would I have chosen as Conan?  First off, I'd want someone who was a real warrior or at the very least someone who has been in a fight or two.  Secondly, he'd have to have a powerfuly strong physique and not one that looked like he spent 30 minutes a day on a bow-flex listening to Bob or Ziggy Marley.  Third, my choice for someone to play Conan would have to know what it feels like to rupture another human beigns spleen from one hit.So I guess that leaves me with... CLAY MATHEWS #52

The best things is that with the NFL lock out still lingering on, Clay Mathews may very well be available too.

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  1. Truly, the greatest match a mortal can make to the great Cimmerian.